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The coup, the Spring Revolution, and a year of bravery

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Today marks a year since the Myanmar military staged a coup and hijacked the country’s flawed yet significant strides towards democratization. More importantly, today also marks a year of bravery shown by the people of Myanmar in the face of violence, brutality, and injustice. For an entire year, the diverse people of Myanmar from all walks of life and across generations have been united in their tireless fight for democracy. From the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) to the People’s Defence Force (PDF), yearlong protests against tyranny indicate that the coup has failed while the Spring Revolution lives on.

Here at Burmawave, we honour the bravery of the Myanmar people, and we remind the international community to support our cause.

From February 5 to 12, 2022, the Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) and the National University of the Union of Myanmar (NUUM)-Global Campus, in partnership with Burmawave and other co-hosts and collaborators, will be hosting the Spring Flowers International Conference on Myanmar. The conference will bring together local, national, and international actors from diverse backgrounds in an effort to support peace and democracy in Myanmar.

Elaisa Vahnie, executive director of BACI, explained, “Our hope is that through substantive and serious debate and discussions, the conference will be able to generate ideas that help provide strategic direction and policy guidance for the democratic movement as a whole and help shape the future of Myanmar”. More than 60 scholars and researchers, many of them world-renowned, and over 70 other speakers from activist and advocacy groups, rights groups, student unions, university councils, and international organizations, will be making presentations and participating in discussions on constitutional development, democracy, institution building, and international affairs.

  • To register for the entire conference, including musical performances on February 5, register here. The cost is $40.

  • To register for only the opening ceremony and musical performance on February 5, register here. The cost is $25.

  • To attend only some or all of the main conference sessions from February 6 to 12, register here. The cost is $25.

  • Those registered for the entire conference are automatically registered for the closing ceremony and celebration of Myanmar Union Day on February 12. Others can participate at no cost by registering here.

  • Special registration process has been arranged for participants from inside Myanmar. Interested participants should email your full name, email address, your organization/institution affiliation, and your Signal number to

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