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By Kalyar Ei Ei Lwin

Raise Three Fingers by Radia Durrani

By Kalyar Ei Ei Lwin


Memories of Spring Revolution

Selected collections by Mon Mon Myat

Raise Three Fingers

I see war machines crawling up Mandalay Hill

The flag’s yellow and green are stained red,

From all the blood that’s been spilled.


I hear people screaming from lands of hills, Terribly loud,
And so terribly shrill.

We should not be living at this hour,
In a game of bloody conquests for power. Where guns write the law and
Troops refuse to withdraw,
We did not expect to lay down
Our children in flowers.

We should not be living at this hour

But here I remain standing
For I am no stranger
To your iron clad towers.

We should not be living at this hour But with three fingers high,
I refuse to cower

Noor Mandviwalla

Thank You for Your Light


When you are up, look to the ground

Smelling the freshness of the grass to keep in touch

When you are down, look up and far

Feeling the bigness of the sky to lift you up

When you are in-between, look around your neighbors

Dealing with your vision of many kinds to open up


There are days and times as ups and downs

There are also swings and sways as the looseness and vagueness travel

No worries as they are normal and rhythms for all

Dancing with music to finetune a new normal is a call


Nothing is hard as we see

Nor tight as we feel

Everything is a process so let it move at its own speed

Sometimes said as slow or fast as we are asked to adjust

But who cares at times as it is happening?

Be yourself, be themselves and be ourselves

As you are the only person in-charge


Life is lucky as a precious gift

Studying itself is fun for wiser days ahead as many did

Yesterday is behind because of today

Tomorrow will be sure as today is fading away

As life is problem solving, build up courage in enjoying

No worries, let’s be happy and healthy

People are in their cage of missions, of greed, of worries

We are occupied and thinking that we are alone

The reality is a reverse as we are the same in being suffocated

Climb a mountain in feeling the height and breezing at night

Swim in the sea in feeling the currents and greeting change in daylight

Run in the jungle in feeling the richness and receiving the sounds of shade


The sun will connect us for a new day with a powerful brightness

The moon will contact us for a calmness with a powerful recharge

The star will call us for having a hope with a powerful dream as the future is ours


You, they, and we—all individuals shall make a dim light to shine on us and for others

It is then for many new tomorrows for coming in peace

As we are united and connected over differences

Our dim light in varying power is our strength and signal

As we shall step forward and upward

So, make your next choice in coming to own your flying

You are not alone in this journey as your light is shining on others

The crowd is clapping their hands to cheer your success


Thank you, dear hero, for shining us with yours


Collected from Upsplash

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